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Special Education & Learning Disabilities Resources: A Nationwide Directory
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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Assessment Resources

ADD-related Tips and Articles anger-management Anger Management and ODD directory

National / International Resources

LD ADD Evaluations ABCs for Life Success, educational assessments, testing, referrals, and consulting

ADHD Parent and Teen Coach, help your teen improve organization, time management and study skills, reduce non-compliance. Email and phone consultation available

Best Choice Network LLC-- Free educational consulting and school placement service focusing on troubled teenagers

LD ADD Evaluations Brehm School (in Carbondale, IL), small coeducational boarding school for students with language-based and complex learning disabilities

LD ADD Evaluations Bass Educational Services, LLC-- provides college planning for students with LD and ADHD

Chapel Haven--state approved transition and special education programs in Connecticut and Arizona for young adults with developmental and social disabilities

Child1st Publications -- Multi-sensory Teaching Tools offer Multisensory Phonics, Multisensory Reading Instruction -- see reading results in children when all other means have failed.

vivaessays.com -- professional essay writing service - service reviews

Evan Kirstein, Progressive Growth Coaching -- ADHD Coaching for Parents and Teens in NYC and virtually anywhere

Frum Counseling Online -- Frum Rabbi / MSW Available for Online Coaching / Counseling

LD ADD Evaluations The Glenholme School-- boarding school in Connecticut for students with special needs, specializing in: Asperger's, ADHD, emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities

Imy Wax, Educational Consultant, provides school placement and special program placement for students with special educational needs

Camp Kirk -- overnight summer camp for kids with ADD, ADHD, Learning disabilities, incontinence or enuresis

Google Local Listings-- AIS builds Google and Yahoo local listings for mental health and special education professionals, schools, and companies

Kurzweil Education Systems-Text-to-Speech Software Literacy Solutions for individuals with special needs / LD such as dyslexia and ADHD

LearningRx -- -- Brain Training Centers provide proven results with cognitive skills training. Find help at one of our more than 70 Centers across the U.S.

tutoring services nationwide Lindamood-Bell®--Learning Centers, one-to-one and small group instruction, over 60 locations in the US, 1 in Canada, 1 in London, England, 2 in Australia

Ldonline -- resources of all kinds for parents of kids with LD and for LD educators

ADD Coach Services for families, parents, organizations. Email and phone consultation available

College Living Experience (CLE)-- post-secondary programs provides intensive assistance to college students with special needs at campuses across the U.S.

college programs for students with special needs

Don C. Haworth, Productive Child/Teenager Transportation -- provides a safe, affordable, and secure to transport your teens and or young adults

EDU-Therapeutics from Learning Time-- training programs, materials and assessments for children, youth, adults with dyslexia, attention deficit, reading challenges.

Making School Work, P.L. --, attorney and special education consultant Allison Hertog provides advocacy help by phone and email nation-wide

Super Study Skills Binder System -- a simplified notebook system which is easy for the student to follow and the parent to reinforce.

College Internship Program(CIP)-- post-secondary, academic, internship and independent living for young adults with LD and Aspergers Syndrome

college programs for special needs

Cognitive Enhancement Systems--COM is a subscription website providing online cognitive enhancement applications for all children ranging from gifted to those with learning disabilities, ADHD, processing problems and developmental disability.

EdAnywhere--an alternative long distance education program designed to help youth & adults. All teachers special ed certified.

e Teaching Assistance Learning (eTAP)--Complete K-12 Home and School Curriculum, as well as Test Prep for SAT/GED/ASVAB

Ferguson Behavioral Health Consulting-- Therapeutic Placement Specialists and Comprehensive Crisis Management for teens at risk and their families

Handwriting Problem Solutions, LLC -- resource guide for Handwriting Solutions - Equipment, Teaching Strategies and Educatioal Resource Recommendations for Kids with Writing Disabilities. Consultation also available

J. Lynn Enterprises, LLC, transition services assessment, and planning functional vocational evaluation for students with special needs

Love-Tough Parent Coaching -- parent coaching for parents of at risk or struggling Jewish teens. Phone coaching available

REACH at the University of Iowa -- a living-learning campus experience to help young adults with multiple learning and cognitive disabilities become independent, engaged members of their community.

USA Reading Clinic proven reading system has already helped thousands of children begin to see improvements in only 7 days -- available nationally and internationally

Military Boarding Schools-- Leading directory of America military schools helps parents find the right program for their child at no cost to parents

MotivAider -- behavior management tool to help children manage their own behavior

Smart Tutor -- An Effective Online Supplemental Reading and Math Software Program for Children with Special Needs

Lindy Kahn Associates, Inc. -- Educational Consultation and Placement Options for ADHD and other Special Needs Students

Matara School--residential therapeutic school for at risk teen boys in Israel

National Association for Child Development-- neurodevelopmental assessments, evaluations and individualized programs for children via phone sessions, video, reviews and email

The National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education provides all sorts of support to parents of children in special education

The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) provides resources for special education teachers

Options at Brehm, is a A comprehensive transitional program for young adults with learning disabilities in Illinois

P.A.C.E. at NLU-- Chicago-based 3-year young adult transtion program teaching life skills, academic skills, and providing employment preparation

Proportional Reading for Reading Skills Remediation Software and Tutoring Help For Special Needs (LD, ADD/ADHD, Low Vision, ESL, S/L, Trauma, Anxiety). Free initial consult and help.

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. -- special needs trusts and family legal plans help provide legal counsel for children, under age 18, living at home and those up to 23 who are enrolled in a full time university program.

TechieforLife -- young adult transition program offering vocational training (with emphasis on computer skills), college courses, life skills, social skills training

SpecializedPrep.org--Personalized SAT and ACT test prep includes assessment, online classes plus two hours of one-on-one private SAT or ACT tutoring online


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