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Educational Therapy Center

reading specialist Missouri
Teaching Literacy the Way Students Learn
6004 B NW 9 Hwy
Parkville, MO 64152

Tel: 816-584-8860


Multisensory Teaching the Orton-Gillingham Way

One on One Individualized Instruction and Tutoring in Missouri

The Educational Therapy Center will provide specialized, one on one individualized instruction that is research based, multisensory, phonetic, structured and cumulative. We also screen for dyslexia, which does not obligate you to receive remediation services. The instruction will be provided by tutors trained extensively in the Orton-Gillingham approach which has been used effectively with students with learning disabilities for over 50 years.

We offer the intervention needed to re-teach skills to those students who have not succeeded in learning to read and write to their full potential. People with specific language disabilities will continue to have reading, writing, and other language difficulties until they have successfully participated in a scientifically based, proven intervention. Until then, they may only get by at a barely adequate level or spend too much energy compensating/hiding their difficulties.

  • Orton-Gillingham research based remediation
  • Direct teaching in a sequential manner
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary Instruction
  • Syllable Patterns

We offer Literacy Solutions!!

We have tutors trained throughout the Northland of the Kansas City Metro area. We are training more tutors on a quarterly basis.

For information on receiving tutoring or becoming a tutor, please contact us or visit our web site at Our Philosophy - One student, with one teacher, taking one step at a time, leads to success through lifelong language skills.

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