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Doina Porumbescu, Ed.S., Psy.D.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations for Various Learning Disabilities to Children, Adolescents and Adults in Illinois

121 S. Wilke Road
Suite 403
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Tel: 847-577-0904
Fax: 847-577-1558

Psychological and Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities Evaluations - Illinois

Dr.Doina Porumbescu conducts comprehensive psychological evaluations for various learning disabilities to children, adolescents and adults.

Dr. Doina was trained in clinical psycholgoy as well as a school psychologist and has many years of experience identifying learning and emotional disorders. She has worked in schools and private practice for 9 years. While a school psychologist she developed individualized 504 Plans and possesses indepth knowledge and experience advocating for individuals' needs. She evaluates and treats children 3 years old and up.

Some of the learning disabilities assessed include; the various forms of Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia.

Dr.Porumbescu's treatment specialties include anxiety and mood disorders, particularly social phobia, shyness, selective mutism, and child and adult ADHD. Her treatment modalities are evidence based Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Solutions based therapy, and Collaborative Problem Solving.

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