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online special needs software
online special needs software

Personalized Online HomeSchool Curriculum for Grades K - 12
Proven Student Success for all learning styles-- Free Trial

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HomeSchooling Tutorial and Test Prep Software for Your Child Grades k - 12

K-12 Math, English, Science, and History, as well as SAT/GED/ASVAB test preparation, all on a single easy-to-use website! Cost is $39 per month per family and includes all grades & subjects.

A one-stop resource - eTAP provides comprehensive instruction for the core subjects of Math, English, History, and Science plus High School test preparation for the GED, High School Exit Exam, ASVAB, SAT and ACT. No additional books are needed.

Easy to use - eTAP is entirely web-based, so there's no software to install or learn. Navigation is user-friendly and intuitive.

Engaging/Increase Achievement - Lessons combine text along with coordinated video resources to better accommodate audio/visual learners and maximize learning for students with different learning styles. Content is presented in an easy-to-read, functional format. Vocabulary is age-appropriate. eTAP allows students to choose their learning resource and proceed at their own learning pace, hence actively learning, and retaining more. In school testing, the eTAP program has greatly increased achievement of students experiencing difficulty with traditional school programs.

Portable - Students have access over the internet: at home, at the library, or even when traveling. Printable versions allow you to make hard copies when you don't have internet access.

Family Subscriptions - Each subject includes grades K-12, so a single subscription is good for the entire family. Family subscriptions run only $39 per month.

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