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Organizational Coaching
- Specializing in ADD/LD Adult clients

ADHD coaching Doylestown Pennsylvania

161 Mechanics Street
Doylestown, PA 18901

Tel: (215) 230-7315

Fax: (215) 230-7316


"...Helping individuals make significant changes
in their business, home and life."

Coaching is...a supportive, practical, concrete process for making desired changes in your business, home and life. My personal goal in coaching is for my clients to achieve a succession of doable realizeable goals and enjoy the journey towards accomplishing them.

What we do in organizational coaching...  Together we identify those goals, manage time, priorities and tasks, gather a personalized magic bag of tricks, keep on track and maintain life balance. We will also look at the question - "What do you most want to be doing, and are you doing it?"

I began as a coach/professional organizer six years ago working with ADD clients. From that time to the present, I have continued to learn from my clients, adding their tools and life wisdom to those tips, tools and inspirations learned from my own life experience and work. Today, I am a coach who uses organizational skills in my coaching. My clients, whom I coach by telephone, are from all across the United States and represent all professions.

No matter who you are or what you do, coaching always deals with the boggles and challenges in your life, but one thing we consistently look at in each coaching session is, "And what is going right?" We start with successes, because so many ADD/LD individuals have spent a lifetime only too aware of the challenges.

Where to start... Call 215-230-7315 to inquire about coaching and explore how it could work for you.

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