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Shepherd's Hill Academy

Christian boarding school for struggling teens

Serving Families with Teens in Crisis

2200 Price Road
Martin, GA 30557

Tel:   706-779-5766

E-mail: office@shepherdshillministries.org


 Shepherds Hill Academy | Alternative At-Risk Teen Wilderness Program & Boarding School
in Georgia

Shepherds Hill Academy is a hybrid between a therapeutic wilderness program and a Christian boarding school. It starts with wilderness therapy to teach struggling teens about God, life and teamwork, while offering a fully accredited classroom experience and 24/7 care, mentoring and counseling.

The unique rural location of Shepherd's Hill Academy offers us the ability to establish and maintain a structured biblical based, loving authoritative wilderness environment. The location also offers us the ability to develop programs and an academic curriculum essential in developing character. Shepherd's Hill offers three different programs to at risk teens:

  • New Creation Wilderness Program: The 20 acre wilderness setting resides a 1/4 mile from the Shepherd's Hill Academy main campus. The entire program structure is focused around a biblical world-view. Because of this we are able to create, establish, and maintain a healthy, structured, loving authoritative community which promotes life changing opportunity for every enrolled student. With this unique setting we are also able to create an atmosphere in which all negative cultural influences are removed and team collaboration is essential.
  • Next Step Program: the "Next Step" between the New Creations Wilderness Program and the teen's transition back into their home. After the minimum requirement served in the New Creations Wilderness Program, students may be eligible to transfer to a fully furnished home with running water, electricity, and other normal everyday conveniences. Therapeutic activities are designed and implemented to challenge students to retain the character development they have acquired from the New Creations Wilderness program. We also place a clear emphasis on strengthening and developing a confident discipleship with Christ.
  • Shepherd's Hill Academy: We offer a fully accredited Jr. & Sr. High Christian Boarding School which follows the standards of the Georgia Department of Education. Upon receiving your child's transcripts he/she can continue his/her academic studies. The ASVAB test is administered to decipher each student's academic need and placement. We also offer the SAT or ACT test to help students prepare for college. Within Shepherds Hill Academy, we remain congruent with our philosophy of maintaining a Christ centered, biblical based, loving authoritative environment.

Equine Program: Our beautiful 30-acre horse pasture that surrounds the Shepherd's Hill Academy campus is home to over 30 horses. Upon enrollment each student chooses a horse and will spend the year developing a relationship with this horse. This allows for very unique therapeutic activities such as anger management, problem solving skills, developing and reaching goals, spiritual growth, and personal responsibility.

For further information please view our website at www.shepherdshillAcademy.org.

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