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Dr. Waterworth
Allison Waterworth, Psy.D.

Learning Disabilities Evaluations in the San Francisco Area

2409A Sacramento St.
San Francisco, CA

Tel: 415-577-4750
Fax: 415-366-1459

Learning Disabilities Evaluations in the San Franscisco Bay area

Dr. Allison Waterworth, a licensed clinical psychologist, has conducted over 300 Educational Evaluations in the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in helping students clarify their strenghs and weaknesses, and in qualifying for high stakes exams, such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, or professional licensing exams such as the Bar. Dr. Waterworth has a personable and professsional approach to helping individuals with this important and sensitive issue.

This evaluation is a comprehensive process which includes gathering information about an individual's learning history, clarifying current problems in school or work, and administering a battery of tests. This battery of tests assesses various aspects of intelligence, academic ability, memory, and other cognitive factors. These tests are 'standardized' which means that they are based upon the abilities of other people in your child's age group.

A typical test battery includes:

  • The Wechsler Intelligence Scale
  • The Woodcock-Johnson, Tests of Achievement
  • Nelson Denny Reading Test and/or Gray Oral Reading Test
  • Wechsler Memory Scale or Test of Memory and Learning (select subtests)
    • measures of attention
    • measures of executive function
    • measures of processing speed
Dr. WAterworth also offers Psychotherapy services, including individual therapy for teens, and Family Therapy/Parent Therapy, for help with parenting issues.

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