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Christine La Cerva, M.A.

Family and Child Therapist

Therapy for Children with Special Needs

The Social Therapy Group
Manhattan:920 Broadway, (14th floor)
b/w 20th and 21st Street
Tel: 212-941-8844

Brooklyn: 104-106 South Oxford St.
b/w Lafayette and Fulton Street
Tel: 718-797-3220


Web Site:

Family and Child Therapist

  • 15 years as Director of Family Development Services at the Social Therapy Group, with locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • 30 years helping families with children who are diagnosed with a range of behavioral and cognitive disorders, including ADHD, Asperger's and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • 23 years as a therapist, working with children, families, adults, couples and groups
  • 13 years as a special education teacher and learning specialist
  • 7 years as Educational Director of an alternative elementary school
  • Masters degree in Community Psychology and Special Education from Columbia University, Teachers College

At the Social Therapy Group, we offer holistic, creative, development-centered therapy for children with special needs and their families. We help parents relate to their child beyond the limiting diagnostic categories that can often get in the way of helping children grow and develop.

We specialize in a therapeutic approach, where the focus is on helping children with their social/emotional growth and development and we have been successful at helping special needs children to significantly increase their social skills and their capacity for recognizing how they impact on others. In addition, the self-reports we have received from numerous families are that they see positive developments in their childrens' reading scores, memory and capacity for friendships with their peers.

Unlike clinical and hospital settings, which tend to "medicalize" problems and reduce them to simple diagnoses and prescriptions, we offer a comprehensive therapeutic approach that address the social, emotional and educational needs of young people and their families.

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