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Leigh Law Group

special education attorney 
San Francisc

Special education attorney advocates throughout the state
and for all types of eligibility

870 Market Street
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California Special Education Attorney Advocates

The field of education law requires attorneys knowledgeable in the practices and procedures of public, private and charter schools. There can be no substitute for an attorney advocate who has actually worked in a school setting. It is our mission to provide each of our clients with attorneys who use their practical experience working in school settings as well as their knowledge of the laws affecting education including, but not limited to, the California Education and Government Code, Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act, No Child Left Behind, Section 504 and Americans with Disabilities Act.

Here is what Leigh Law Group can do for you:

  • Attend IEP meetings
  • Assist parents during the mediation process, state complaints or uniform complaints
  • Represent parents at due process hearings
  • Assist parents in obtaining services on behalf of their child
  • Advise parents on decisions related to placement, testing and IEP goals
  • Assist parents in avoiding litigation through informal dispute resolution

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