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Internet Guide to Learning Disbilities


Special Education Non Profit Resources - interactive guide.......for Children, Parents, Teachers, Psychologists and other Professionals who help individuals with learning disabilities

    Parents: LD Online In-Depth for Parents:
  • offers advice by leading experts. Need help with diagnosis, coping, working with the schools, LD Online has answers!

    Teachers: LD Online In-Depth
  • For teachers -- has tips and strategies written by expert teachers.

    Ask Rick: LD Online In-Depth
  • Leading expert Rick Lavoie answers questions from parents and teachers about LD and ADHD..

    KidZone: LD Online
  • Leading expert Rick Lavoie answers questions from parents and teachers about LD and ADHD..

    Research: LD Online's Research Digest
  • offers reviews of current studies. Written for parents, teachers, and psychologists.

    Calendar: LD Online's listings
  • LD Online's lists important conferences.

    Technology: LD Online's In-Depth Technology section
  • offers latest technolgies, and strategies for using them at home and in school.

    For Adults: LD OnLine In Depth
  • also answers questions for adults with learning disabilties and/or ADHD.

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LD Online is a service of The Learning Project of WETA, Washington, D.C., in association with The Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities.. LD Online is made possible in part by generous support of The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, The Eisner Foundation, Inc., The Armstrong McDonald Foundation and Long Aldridge & Norman.

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