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We Offer Family Legal Plans for As Little as $1 per Day
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Low Cost Special Needs Trusts and Unlimited Legal Counsel
including Help for Legal Issues involving At Risk Teens

Low costs Special Needs Trusts and Legal Counsel
As a Pre-Paid Legal Services member, you can consult with your assigned Provider Law Firm, within you state*, toll free by phone on any personal or business-related matter. Just call your Provider's toll-free number during regular business hours when you have a legal problem or question. To view a short video that describes the no obligation family membership, click here. We also offer Business Legal Plans to help small businesses. To view a short video about our no obligation business legal plans, click here.

Wills for You and Your Family...
A Will for you at no additional charge, not just a "simple" Will, but one that meets most Americans' needs - with free yearly reviews and updates. Wills for covered family members are just $20 each; changes and updates $20. Trust preparation is available at a 25% discount. In some states, Special Needs Trusts can be embedded in parents or guardian wills for children having special needs, for no additional cost.

Phone Calls and Letters...
A phone call or letter from your Provider Lawyer can get you the results you want fast. Your Provider Lawyer will recommend a letter or phone call when that is the best step for you. One call or letter per personal subject related matter is free with your membership. Plus, you'll receive two business letters each year at no additional cost!

Contract and Document Review...
You can have an unlimited number of personal legal documents, up to ten pages each, reviewed by your Provider Lawyer. Included each year is one business document review at no additional cost! Your Provider Lawyer will analyze the documents and suggest changes for your benefit before you sign.

Motor Vehicle Legal Expense Services
Your Provider Lawyer will represent you or your covered family members against moving traffic violations at no additional cost to you. Now you can have help with traffic tickets and not have to worry about the cost of representation. Your Provider Lawyer will defend you or your covered family members when you are charged with Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, or Vehicular Homicide at no added cost to you.

Trial Defense Services
Lawsuits cause tremendous emotional and financial stress. Your Pre-Paid Legal membership offers assistance when you need it most. During your first membership year, you have up to 75 hours of your Provider Lawyer's time at no additional cost when you or your spouse is named defendant or respondent in a covered civil or criminal action filed in a court of law. The criminal action must be one which arises out of the direct performance of the covered person's employment activities. Your Provider Firm can advise you of the documents required to determine coverage under this benefit.

At Risk Teens
Are you dreading that late night phone call concerning your at risk child? Our family legal plans will help provide legal counsel for your children, under age 18, living at home and those up to 23 years of age who are enrolled in a full time university program. Our Legal Shield Membership, when combined with a family membership plan, entitles you and your family to 24 hour a day and seven day a week direct access to an attorney for assistance with legal emergencies when being questioned or detained by law enforcement officials.

Other Legal Services
Your Provider Lawyer will render assistance at a 25% reduction to his or her standard hourly rate* for you or your covered family member should you need legal services not covered by this plan such as child custody, divorce, and criminal matters. A retainer may be required for services being rendered under this benefit. Five days are required for preparation for court representation.

*This associate is not licensed to offer legal memberships in the states of SC, MA, AK, AL,IL, MI, MT, NE, ND, TN, or WI. If interested in buying memberships for those states, please check for more information.

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