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Bayhill High School

An independent high school serving students with learning differences in Oakland, CA
California high school for special needs
521 Boden Way
Oakland , CA 94610

Tel: (510) 268-1500
Fax: (510) 268-1503


A high school for students with learning differences in Oakland, California

Bayhill High School provides a comprehensive day school program for students, grades 9 through 12, with specific learning disabilities or academic difficulties. Bayhill serves students with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and dysgraphia; students with attentional problems, such as ADD and ADHD; students with processing disorders, such as weaknesses in executive functioning, memory, and processing speed; and students with mild emotional and social disorders, such as NLD and Asperger's syndrome. Eligible students must function within the average or above average ranges of intelligence. Students with moderate to severe emotional or behavioral problems are not accepted.

Bayhill provides a core academic program that is individualized, multisensory, and structured, in English, math, science, history, foreign languages, the arts, and physical education. A college preparatory curriculum is provided in small classes with accommodations and modifications taught by teachers with specialized training and credentials in students with learning differences. Remedial classes in reading, study skills, and core educational courses are also provided. Bayhill provides a vocational program, college counseling, and an athletic program. Speech and language, occupational therapy, psychological services, and educational therapy are available. Bayhill High School is seeking accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and certification as a Nonpublic School by the California Department of Education.

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