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Help My Reading dot Com

tuoring reading and literacy help for people with learning disabilities

Improve Reading Quickly

50 Broadway, #31
Beverly, MA 01915

Tel: 978-927-9234

Software & Tutoring for Reading Improvement
(At Home or at School)

  Reading Skills Remediation and Literacy Help For:
  • Special Needs (LD, ADD/ADHD, Low Vision, ESL, S/L, Trauma, Anxiety)
  • Elementary Grades K-5 and Adult Beginners (Language Arts)
  • Reading Remediation K-12 and College (Assistive Technology & Training)
  • Average Readers of all ages (Improve Speed & Comprehension)
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We offer a serious, comprehensive, and very effective program for people who want to improve their reading speed and comprehension, and increase their reading enjoyment.

We work with people initially for free until they see that they have started to improve their reading by using our program. We provide Free Initial Consultation and we provide Free Help that matches your needs and shows you how to improve. We talk with you for free to identify which of our programs is right for you. Then we show you the right approach for your specific needs.

Our goal is to use matching technology to teach readers transferable skills for regular book reading. The same software program also enables any student or adult, as desired or needed, to instantly process any text with assistive technology.

Our approach is to help you with a three-part combination of a) initial consultation and training that matches technology to your unique learning style (now and as you change), b) independent daily practice by you at home or at school on individually tailored, computer software (or interactive DVD), and c) periodic consultation over the phone as needed.


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