Gateway Academy

Gateway Academy Christian Military School 
for Troubled Teenage Boys in Bonifay, Florida

Teen Challenge Gateway Academy for Struggling Teenage Boys

1213 Hope Circle
Bonifay, FL 37425


Military-Style Christian Boarding School for Boys
Bonifay, FL

Gateway Christian Academy is a Christian boarding school for troubled boys. Although it used to simply be a military school, Gateway has now added character building, therapy, and vocational training to its tight structure and disciplinary tradition. No longer is the program run by drills and drill sergeants, but by compassionate mentors practicing positive discipline and encouragement.

Gateway Academy provides year-long academics through two self-paced Christian curriculums. Students are provided with tutoring sessions and the opportunity to work at their own pace. This means that if a student has already mastered a subject in class, he will not be held back by his classmates, but will be able to move forward to the next material. By the same token, if a student is struggling more than his peers, he will have all the time he needs to get help and truly master the subject before moving on. In this environment, troubled boys are able to achieve academic feats their parents may never have thought possible.

However, education would not be a priority at all if not for the spiritual emphasis at Gateway Academy. The life-controlling issues which these students were facing simply blotted out all other issues. So, as students are immersed in a Christian environment, from the classrooms to the barracks to the athletic fields, they will learn to walk with Christ and shed their old behaviors. For real, long-lasting change, call (509) 749-2103 and learn how Gateway creates healthy young men prepared for success.

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