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Reading and math resources especially designed for struggling learners

Multisensory resources designed specifically for right-brained learners, including beginners, visual and kinesthetic learners, those labeled with dyslexia, autism, Asperger's, auditory processing disorder, and ADHD. Our reading resources include letters, sounds, sight words, phonics, reading fluency, comprehension, spelling and math.

Is your child struggling to learn to read? Does he / she:

  • Find it difficult to memorize letters and sounds - an early sign of trouble with reading
  • Work hard to sound out a word, but then cannot remember it
  • Unable to sound out words, unsure of letter sounds or sound spellings
  • Struggle to sound out words, but they don't comprehend what they are reading
  • Find it impossible to memorize sight words
  • Feel reading is so tedious that they have given up
We can help! Our multisensory teaching tools are designed to meet the needs of many different types of learners at one time, maximizing your teaching time and assuring success for all children.

All of our materials are especially designed so that they utilize several channels to the brain simultaneously. In addition to the auditory component, images are embedded in the symbols to appeal to visual learners, motions are purposefully tied to the specific learning piece in order to engage the kinesthetic/tactile learners, and patterns, stories, rhymes, and more are used to create additional hooks for learning. All of this combines to create success for all types of struggling learners. We see results in children when all other means have failed.


Stylized Alphabet Cards and Alphabet Tales use images and stories that make it easy for a child to learn and remember a letter and its sounds - one of the most fundamental and necessary skills needs for learning to read.

607 SnapWords® Cards or stylized sight words cards, contain a visual embedded in each word on the front, and the plain word, a sentence, and a body movement on the back. Sight words make up 64-80% of the words that appear in the books children read. Use SnapWords® to jump start reading fluency and comprehension.

Easy-for-Me Reading program provides an opportunity for children to practice reading sight words in the context of real stories. Easy-for-Me Children's Readers are leveled, beginning at zero and advancing through first and second grade skills, teach both sight words and phonics, and offer further practice with reading comprehension and fluency. The Easy-For-Me Reading Program materials are perfect for beginners and for children who have not been able to learn to read using traditional methods.

Right-Brained Math Seriestakes a left-brained subject and creates resources and games to make learning and understanding math easy. The Math Series includes right-brained hooks for learning such as full color visuals, personification of symbols that give numbers a personality, stories to bring the processes to life, patterns, and body motions. The Right-Brained Math Series is built for children who dislike math, have trouble with memorization, or are not sure of the meaning behind math procedures.

Many other support materials are available as well. Please stop by and browse our website. Our blog is full of information to help you understand your child's learning strengths and weaknesses, as well as information on implementing our products.

Feel free to reach out with questions about learning styles & strategies for your child. We are happy to discuss your needs with you by phone or email.

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