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Chapel Haven

adult transition programs for young adults with Aspergers Syndrome

A Unique Integration of Social Communication and Independent Living

1040 Whalley Avenue
New Haven CT 06515

Tel: (203) 397-1714 ext. 148
Fax: (203) 937-2466

Comprehensive, Individualized Programs Meeting a Lifetime of Needs

Founded in 1972, Chapel Haven remains a pioneer in teaching adults with developmental and social disabilities to live independent and productive lives. A state-approved private special education and independent living program, Chapel Haven has grown to serve more than 250 adults in 3 programs, offering a comprehensive array of services for students with developmental and social disabilities. We offer a network of supports designed to meet a lifetime of needs.

The REACH Program (Residential Education at Chapel Haven) is the only program in the country for adults with cognitive disabilities that is approved by the State of Connecticut Department of Education, licensed by DDS (Department of Developmental Services) and nationally accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).

In REACH, Chapel Haven serves 30 residential students and a small number of day students in its two-year educational program. In addition the Supported Living Program serves 170 graduates who are Community Members. Students come to Chapel Haven from all over the United States, as well as Canada, the Far East, and Europe. Our New Haven location gives students and community members the opportunity to develop a full and varied lifestyle within a small city setting.

Chapel Haven's Asperger's Syndrome Adult Transition (ASAT) program in New Haven, CT is a residentially based, two-year program that provides a core curriculum focusing on Social Communicative Competencies. The program equips students with a broad repertoire of social competency and adaptive skills across multiple settings and with diverse populations while also helping with life skills in an apartment setting, college and employment.

Chapel Haven West in Tucson, AZ serves students with autism spectrum disorders and related social disabilities in the areas of life skills, education, employment and recreation programs and is approved by the Department of Education in Arizona, and an approved vendor for the Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities.

The main building of the program contains apartments for the students, classrooms, a community meeting room and office space. The campus is a few blocks from the University of Arizona, within walking distance - allowing the residents to attend classes, have access to University facilities, benefit from their state of the art Disability Resource Center and SALT Center, and pursue employment opportunities. University faculty are part of the program and graduate interns in the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Department assist staff and serve as mentors to our students in a college setting.

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