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Parkmont School
in Washington, DC

Preparing LD Kids for College for 35 Years
Great Balance of Engaging Curriculum and Personal Accomodations Grades 6-12, Co-ed

4842 16th Street, NW,
Washington, DC, 20011

Tel: (202) 726-0740

Preparing LD Kids for College for 35 Years
Washington, DC

We are very proud of the unique learning opportunities we provide to our students every day. Parkmont offers a middle school and high school program. Because of the small class sizes (6-12 students per class) and the unique relationships formed between teachers and students, each student receives individualized attention and guidance through their schooling experience. Students take three academic classes at a time: English, Math, and a Main Lesson, which is two hours long and lasts for seven weeks. They take five Main Lessons per year. Offerings range from Biology to Shakespeare, from Latin American History and Culture to Coastal Ecology. This gives students the opportunity to focus on one subject, and also allows for field trips and on-site learning, both in the DC area and beyond.

Parkmont's curriculum is designed to stimulate thinking and broaden perspective, to solve problems resourcefully, and to communicate effectively in speech and writing. Students who need additional help in specific academic or emotional areas will find a support system in place for them. Our unique school also features:

  • Small classes: 5-10 students per class
  • Manageable course-load: 3 classes a day/5 sessions a year
  • Hands-on approach to learning: bi-weekly internships, lots of trips, interesting classes

Parkmont offers a college preparatory curriculum. The majority of our students pursue college directly after graduation. The range of schools that our students are both accepted at and choose to attend are as diverse as the student body, and reflective of a wide range of interests and abilities. Parkmont coaches and guides students in:

  • putting together a list of prospective colleges
  • the college application process
  • researching financial aid resources

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