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Beartooth Mountain Ascent Christian Addiction Recovery Program for Struggling Young Men

Christian program helping Struggling young men and teens in Wyoming

Helping Young Men Overcome Addiction and Reach Their Full Potential
391 RD 1AF
Powell, Wyoming 82435

Tel: 307-645-3288
Fax: 307-645-3288


Holistic Ranch and Faith Based Treatment Program for At Risk Young Men Struggling with Addiction and or Behavioral Health Concerns

How do we Help a Struggling At Risk Young Man?

Welcome to Beartooth Mountain Ascent. For over 20 years, Tom and Susan George, owners and founder of Beartooth Mountain Ascent (BTMA), have provided successful programs for struggling young adult men.

In our Young Adult Treatment Center we help struggling young men ages 18-28 in a unique way. We combine Vocational and Life Skills Training with the power of Life Coaching to assist each young man transform unhealthy habits into healthy habits for mind, body, and soul. Young men leave BTMA with a deeper understanding of the values of honesty, integrity, hard work, and diligence. Our Young Adult Treament Program offers young men an alternative to the negative and self destructive habits that resulting from:

  • Alcohol/Drug/Tobacco Abuse
  • co-occurring Mental Health Conditions
  • Sexual Promiscuity
  • Emotional Imbalances
  • Poor Peer Choices
  • Academic Underachieving
  • Anger Management and Low Self-Esteem
  • Academic Underachieving
  • Adoption Issues
  • Coping with Fallout from Divorce in Family
  • All Addictions, Including Sexual, Pornography, Video Gaming
  • ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Impulsive Behavior
  • Self-Harm, Cutting
  • Fetal Alcohol Affect
  • Peer Sibling Conflict
  • Suspension or expulsion from school
  • Abandonment Issues
  • Social Interaction Difficulties
  • Involvement with Occult

Our 50,000 acre working Wyoming cattle ranch helps young men appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors and develop a sense of a loving Creator that will drive positive behavior. We do this through offering vocational skills training such as carpentry, welding, fencing, heavy equipment operation, horsemanship/horse training, and animal husbandry, and a solid work ethic.

At BTMA we don't suppress your son's adventure-seeking behavior. Instead we channel it into productive actions that help build good character traits and Life Skills. It is our mission to help every young man who comes to BTMA to become the best version of himself and find his passion and purpose in life.

Over the years, many of our young men have gone on to successful careers in the Armed Forces. Many have earned undergrad and graduate degrees, while others have successful careers in the skilled trades.

The staff at our Christian Recovery Ranch is composed of trained mentors, some of whom are former BTMA residents. They will help a young man learn to leverage his strengths and recognize his weaknesses.

More than just a boot camp or wilderness program for troubled teens and struggling young adults, BTMA, owned and operated by a Catholic family, uses both Christian ideals and the cowboy "Code of the West" to help struggling young men find their footing in an increasingly uncertain world. At BTMA, your son's character formation is a high priority. Your son will learn the virtues he needs to be a mental and emotionally healthy adult. We believe that every young man who comes to Beartooth Mountain Ascent is intrinsically good and capable of receiving the help to better their lives and find his passion and purpose in life.

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