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Shema J.Mathew, M.D., Board Certified Neurologist

Pathways for Kids on the Autistic Spectrum

9715 Medical Center Drive
Suite 414,
Rockville, MD 20850

Tel: 240-485-6066


Diagnosis and treatment for Children / Teens on the Autistic Spectrum or with ADD / ADHD in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC

I am a board certified neurologist serving as a local consultant for children with special needs primarily in the autistic spectrum. My treatment plans are based on the DIR (floortime) model. This method uses a developmental approach to therapy. By working intensively with parents/caregivers,these children can move up the the developmental ladder, and improve language and communication through stages of engagement and two-way communication. Such treatment will help them express ideas and think more logically.

DIR treatment requires weekly or bi-weekly followup,monitoring and coaching. By talking to parents and doing a brief neurological exam,I will be able to decide if the child will benefit from sensory-motor integration programs and to recommend such appropriate therapies.The key to good progress is to combine weekly professional therapy with a home-based program. I tailor comprehensive intervention and home programs according to individual needs.

For children with learning disabilities and academic difficulties,it is important to distinguish behaviour issues from processing challenges. I can identify their different challenges and help them find the type of cognitive and educational programs which will work out best for them.

Soon I will be introducing state of the art neurofeedback programs for children with ADD,ADHD and Autistic spectrum disorder,migraine problems, and pain management.

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