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Allison Hertog, Director

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Special Education Advocacy in South Florida and Across the United States

Allison Hertog, Director of Making School Work, P.L., comes to the field of special education advocacy with a highly unique background. She is a former special education teacher, with a masters degree in special education from Columbia University, in addition to her law degree. Ms. Hertog is licensed to practice law in New York State and in the State of Florida. She has hands-on specialized knowledge of special education law, and can help you advocate for your special needs child.

Allison Hertog, one of only a few attorneys in the country with a masters degree in special education, provides phone consultations nationwide to select parents of disabled children. Ms. Hertog, a passionate and dedicated child advocate who struggled with learning disabilities herself as a child, will give you individualized and effective advice and strategies to improve your child's education.

Making School Work, P.L. represents children with all types of special needs, including autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities and ADD. As a special education teacher Allison Hertog taught students with reading disabilities and ADD and therefore has significant expertise in those areas.

Ms. Hertog founded her practice in 2005. Its mission is to help South Florida families to

  1. understand their childrens' legal rights in public school;
  2. gain accommodations and special services in school;
  3. find the right public or private school placement; and
  4. navigate the process of attaining significant McKay Scholarships for their disabled children

Allison Hertog advocates for students in IEP meetings, and can help students find the right school placement. Making School Work, P.L. can help parents to obtain a McKay Scholarship for their special needs child. Under the McKay Scholarship program Florida students with an IEP who have been in a Florida public school for at least one year are able transfer to a private school using public funds to pay the private school tuition.

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