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Special Education & Learning Disabilities Software Resources: An International Directory

Assistive Technology / Special Education Software for Schools, Kids, and Adults with Special Needs

ISER is now offering this directory of software and assistive technology for special needs kids and adults. We are a new directory and we will categorize the software by type as the directory grows. We will be listing software for people with many learning disabilities, including dyslexia, ADD/ADHD issues, vision problems, auditory problems, as well as other disabilities.

Tips for Parents -- Software for your Special Needs Child

List your special needs software or assistive technology tools and get found by Google!

AtKidSystems --teaches color recognition, spatial awareness, directional awareness, numbers, and shapes to preschool kids with autism, developmental delays, CP, and motor challenges.

eSpecialNeeds -- a premier provider of therapeutic & special needs toys, software, strollers, learning tools and adaptive equipment for special needs children

special needs advocacy training for professionals SEO / Acorn Information Systems -- search engine optimization for web sites related to special education, special needs, schools, and physical and mental health professionals SAT and ACT test prep includes assessment, online classes plus two hours of one-on-one private SAT or ACT tutoring online

Canvastic Desktop Publishing --student focused graphics/text publishing tool for schools. Perfect for Special Needs Students because its capabilities "Grow with the User's" abilities

Chester Creek Technologies -- Computer Keyboards and Mice for Children and Adults with Special Needs

Click'N'Colour -- coloring software promotes fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and a calming sensation

Cognitive Enhancement Systems--COM is a subscription website providing online cognitive enhancement applications for all children ranging from gifted to those with learning disability, attention deficit, processing problems and developmental disability.

Custom Keyboarding Software -- Unique software and typing books for students with Cerebral Palsy, missing fingers, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Visually Impaired, etc. on all grade levels. (Real Human Voice)

EdAnywhere--an alternative long distance education program designed to help youth & adults. All teachers special ed certified.

e Teaching Assistance Learning (eTAP)--Complete K-12 Home and School Curriculum, as well as Test Prep for SAT/GED/ASVAB

Handwriting Problem Solutions, LLC --resource guide for Handwriting Solutions -- Equipment, Teaching Strategies and Educatioal Resource Recommendations for Kids with Writing Disabilities. Consultation also available

Ghotit On-line Free Spell Checker -- free access on-line context iterative spell checker for people with dyslexia or dysgraphia, or who are not native-English speakers

Innovative Speech Therapy -- helps you maximize speech therapy outcomes with the help of assistive technology and family coaching

Laureate Learning Systems --specially designed for individuals with Autism, Language-Learning Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities, Physical Impairments, Traumatic Head Injury, and Aphasia.

PCI Education research-based special education resources designed specifically for students with special needs, learning differences, and struggling learners.

Practice Effective Guidance Strategies (PEGS) --Software to help teachers and homeschooling parents with effective teaching strategies

HelpMyReading.Com -- Reading Skills Remediation Software and Tutoring Help For Special Needs (LD, ADD/ADHD, Low Vision, ESL, S/L, Trauma, Anxiety). Free initial consult and help.

Rogers Center for Learning Software -- special education software to teach reading, writing, spelling, penmanship and dictionary skills -- free award-winning online spelling and vocabulary program

Special Education Automation Software SEAS Special Education Automation Software--SEAS is a proven web-based, special education data management system designed to ease the constantly changing demands of state and federal regulations

Smart Tutor --An Effective Online Supplemental Reading and Math Software Program for Children with Special Needs

TEXTHELP Software --Accessibility software, dyslexia software and text to speech software

Typing With the Stars -- interactive typing program designed to put fun into learning or improving your typing and keyboarding skills. Great for all ages!

Herman & Associates--southern California psychological corporation provides evaluation and sessions to try out specialized computer programs that may help circumvent specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia (reading problems) and dysgraphia (writing disorder)

Disclaimer: ISER provides this information in an effort to aid parents in finding special education software to help their children. ISER does not recommend or endorse any product. These decisions are for parents to make. Please do your research carefully.

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