Lakeland Grace

Christian school program 
for Troubled Teenage Girls in Lakeland, Florida

Christian Boarding School for Girls Who Are Struggling

S. Carter Rd.
Lakeland, FL 33813


Lakeland Grace Academy
Christian Boarding School for Girls Who Are Struggling

Lakeland Grace Academy is a low cost Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage girls. Located in Florida, this program provides students with tools they need to become leaders and overcome behavioral difficulties in their lives. Students are provided with individual, group, and family therapy which deal with the underlying issues behind their behaviors. Common issues girls are facing at Lakeland Grace include self-esteem issues, academic failure, rebellion, anger, defiance, depression/suicidal thoughts, deceitfulness, manipulation, promiscuity, drug issues, and eating disorders.

Counseling at Lakeland Grace is an ongoing part of daily life. Students will participate in both group and individual counseling sessions on campus, focused on their behaviors and their concept of self. The family unit will also be involved from the very beginning, and students will need to work with their family to complete therapy assignments in order to progress through the program. In addition to therapy, Lakeland provides an academic program to improve study skills and comprehension.

As students improve in academics and make breakthroughs in therapy, they will begin to change. As a result of this, their interests grow and new passions will come to light. Therefore, it is important that students are met with extracurricular options which reflect this enlarged perspective. Students will participate in sports which teach self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-esteem, forming a foundation for healthy lifestyle choices which become a long-lasting way of living. If you're ready to get your daughter back, call Lakeland Grace today at (863) 647-1944 and get the admissions process started right away.

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