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School placement agencyDr. Judith Greenberg

Private School Placement, Advocacy Services, and Tutoring

209 Monroe St.A
pt 307
Rockville, MD 20850
Tel:(301) 230-9010
Fax: (301)230-9021

"Fill Your Child's Future with a World of Opportunities"

School Finders works with your family to help you find the right school and to help your child get through the interviews and transition to a private school. We also offer references for educational or psychological testing and counseling and provide homeschooling assistance.

School Finders acts as an advocate for your child at school meetings to be certain your child receives every accomodation that student is entitled to by law. We develop strategies to help your child feel empowered, rather than victimized, by the public school system.

School Finders helps meet the needs of "at-risk" students, including those with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder and those who may be bored in school, need tutoring, or require smaller classes with more flexible teachers. We also help students who are just lost in a school and school system that has become too large for most students. If your child is in need of a therapeutic school program, whether boarding school or residential, or if another kind of program such as a Wilderness Program, would be the right place for your child, we will help you find it.

School Finders is based in the Washington metropolitan area, but its' reach is international. School Finders can help parents find their child the right private school or program almost anywhere in the world. Schoolfinders also tutors children all over the world successfully using SKYPE, so that the students can see the teacher and the teacher can see the student!

School Finders also helps students with Test Preparation of all kinds. Whether your student needs help in a class or to prepare for entrance exams for a private school, college or graduate school we are able to meet these needs. Students can come to the tutoring facility or if you do not reside near us or want to work from home, we work throughout the U.S. and foreign countries via Skype. We accommodate learning styles and after school activities.

We welcome inquirees from parents relocating to the Washington metro area, to any of the 50 states and territories, and international inquirees as well.

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