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Student Learning Recovery

We Teach Students to Learn

522 East Williams St.
Apex, North Carolina 27502

Tel: 919-303-3090

E-Mail: icansee3d@yahoo.com


Student Learning Recovery Tutoring

Specialized Reading/Dyslexia Tutoring. We combine special reading ,spelling, phonics and academic programs with visual perceptual therapy and cognitive skills training. Improve Reading speed and comprehension, Memory, Attention and Concentration. Specializing in Treating and evaluating reading disorders Dyslexia,Dysgraphia,ADHD,ADD, and LD.

We offer:

  • Visual Perceptual Therapy to:
    • Develop and enhance visual perceptual skills critical to learning
  • Learning Skills Training
    • Train Attention Span, Memory & Concentration Skills
We help you improve:
  • Reading Level . Speed . Comprehension
  • Spelling/Phonetic Ability
  • Handwriting. Written Expression
  • Focusing & Attention Ability
  • Dyslexia . Dysgraphia. LD/ADD/ADHD
  • Visual Perceptual Skills . Memory Skills
  • Cognitive Information Processing Skills

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