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AUTISM, ASPERGERS and Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Autism and Aspergers resources Visit ISER's Strategies for Autism and Aspergers Support

It is estimated that one of every five hundred children suffers from Autism or an Autism Spectrum disorder. These disorders range from Autistic disorder to Aspergers, a much milder form of the disorder on the same spectrum. There are other related disorders such as Rett syndrome and PDD-NOS that are also included in the Autism Spectrum. If your child suffers from one of these disorders, you are surely anxious to find him help. Our new directory does not vouch for or support any of the professionals or organizations that list here. It is our desire to present alternatives and make them accessible to you for treatment, schooling, parent advocacy and parent education. Please research programs and individuals carefully before you commit your child to their care.

If you are a professional, school, or other organization specializing in the treatment or counseling of children (or their parents) with autism, Aspergers, or some other Autism Spectrum disorder,or if you are an advocate involved in procuring services for these children, and you would like to list your services with us, please go to our listing options page, then fill out our listing form, and we will build you a listing and be in touch with you shortly.

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