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Focusing on the representation of children with disabilities and special education needs

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Mediation for Child Custody, Support, Child Welfare, Trusts and Estate Planning
in Maryland, Washington DC, Northern VA with help from an Attorney / Trained Mediator

Meet with a mediator & talk in a respectful way about your differences regarding issues affecting your child, his/her life, and yours. Everyone has an opportunity to hear and be heard in a safe and civil forum.

Why should you consider mediation?

    Mediation is cost-effective. A few informal mediation sessions might accomplish what more adversarial processes take months to achieve. Participants meet at a time and in a place that is agreeable to everyone. Lawyers may be involved, or maybe not.

    Mediation is less combative & should be less emotionally draining. The process facilitates communication, so participants can clarify areas of agreement & focus on resolving differences, often crafting a plan that resolves some, many, or all of the issues in dispute. That plan can be written down & filed in court. It becomes enforceable if everyone agrees it should be.

    Mediation is confidential. Except for limited exceptions, the conversation is not shared, so that there can be a full & open discussion.

    Mediation can be creative. You can craft a resolution that is unique to your situation & that works for you, even if it would not work for others.

Why should consider meeting with me as a mediator?

I have been an attorney & mediator for 15 years. My specialty as an attorney is child welfare law. I have conducted over 600 mediations in various matters including:

    ▪ child custody, visitation, & support
    ▪ marital property & financial issues
    ▪ child welfare
    ▪ personal injury
    ▪ workers' compensation
    ▪ trust and estates
    ▪ contracts
    ▪ EEO/workplace disputes

I am certified by the:

    ▪ Circuit Court for Baltimore City, MD;
    ▪ Circuit Court for Baltimore County, MD;
    ▪ Circuit Court for Prince George's County, MD;
    ▪ Circuit Court for Howard County, MD;
    ▪ Circuit Court for Montgomery County, MD;
    ▪ US Postal Service, greater metropolitan DC area;
    ▪ Better Business Bureau, Northern Virginia.