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ADD Coach Services

ADD coach Stamford CT
Psychoeducational Consulting and Coaching for those with Attention Deficit Disorders

Stamford, CT

Tel:(203) 595-9161
Fax: (203) 595-9051


Coaching and Consulting for ADD Women and Mothers of Children with Attention Deficits

I believe we are born good and want to do our best but life's challenges, and our genetic and neuro-chemical makeup, often lead us astray from our intentions. A diagnosis of ADD adds another dimension to life's common demands. As an ADD Coach I have knowledge of, and training in, Attention Deficit Disorders; more importantly, I have life experience. My family and friends are riddled with every manifestation of ADD that exists! I have combined my training and professional experience, with my personal life experience as the mother of, sister of, in-law of, and friend of many individuals with ADD, to create a practice that is both pragmatic and efficient.

Providing clients with comprehensive knowledge about Attention Deficit Disorders, leading them down a path of honest self-reflection and equipping them with psycho-educational tools designed to meet their specific needs, gives clients the missing piece to their life's puzzle.I strongly believe "knowledge is power". It is my intent to empower each individual, with whom I work, to

  1. have a thorough understanding of ADD.
  2. be comfortable with, not shamed by, the diagnosis.
  3. accept the diagnosis, not as all negative but as just another life challenge to be met and, when met, one which has many positive aspects.
  4. be confident enough to advocate for themselves and their loved ones.
My clients become the co-manager of their team, actively participating in their own intervention. The client is the expert on him/herself or their ADD child. I am the ADD psycho-educational expert. Together we collaborate on the best course of action for their particular circumstances.

ADD individuals may take more effort and time to reach a goal because of the particular challenges ADD presents. I offer specific techniques to assist ADD clients, and their families, in overcoming many of these challenges. I help clients, through psychoeducation, understand how ADD impacts behavior and then, via coaching, individualize strategies to address those behaviors which are most problematic.

Coaching sessions are by phone and email for out of state clients. Face to face sessions in your home or office are available for local clients.

Please see more about my services at

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