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Clinic for Attention Learning
and Memory (C.A.L.M.)

adhd clinic Minneapolis, Minnnesota

Loring Family Clinic--
Gary G. Johnson, PhD

1409 Willow Street
Suite 600
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Tel: 612-872-2343
Fax: 612-872-8605

Conservative & Comprehensive Assessment for Successful Treatment

Welcome to Loring Family Clinic and CALM—our Clinic for Attention, Learning and Memory. Our assessment goal is to:
  • determine ALL the factors which contribute to a child or adult's current difficulties
  • go beyond a simple diagnosis by combining these factors with the individual's unique strengths
  • to develop an innovative treatment approach using current brain based research
  • educate the client in a language that they can understand (includes all ages using models and pictures of the brain)
  • empower the individual with a full understanding of ALL treatment options

Dr. Gary Johnson has trained with Ned Hallowell, MD and John Ratey, MD authors of Driven to Distraction and Daniel Amen, MD author of Healing ADHD. Gary has completed over 2300 evaluations and specializes in ADD assessments with co-occurring conditions (LD, mood disorders). He is outspoken concerning the need for thorough ADD/LD evaluations. He presents locally and nationally to both public and professional groups. Visit our website for his current speaking schedule:

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