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Elizabeth Essner

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1711 Hyacinth Lane
San Jose,CA 95124

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Special Education Advocacy in California

There are laws to ensure that each child receives a free and appropriate education that meets his/her unique educational needs. However, the reality is that sometimes schools and school districts do not adequately serve children with special education needs. Parents often are not aware that they can turn to an educational advocate to help secure their childís educational rights.

Representing Advocates for Education, Elizabeth Essner is a highly experienced advocate who will work with families to navigate these laws and ensure their child receives the education s/he deserves.

Ms. Essner provides educational advocacy to help secure the rights of students with special education needs through the IEP process under IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. A veteran of hundreds of IEP meetings, Elziabeth's strong advocacy skills have ensured schools and school districts meet their obligations to her clients and give the student an education appropriate to his/her unique needs.

As a non-attorney, Elizabeth Essner believes it is best to foster a positive and collaborative relationship with schools and school districts. However, when faced with an adversarial situation, Ms. Essner uses her professional expertise and personal determination to achieve the necessary results for her clients. Her experience in filing compliance complaints with the California Department of Education has resulted in many positive outcomes for her clients.

Areas of expertise include ADD/ADHD, nonverbal learning disabilities, Aspergerís Syndrome, specific learning disabilities (SLD), Dysgraphia, Tourettes Syndrome, and emotional disturbance including Bi-polar Disorder.

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