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Rich Educational Consulting, LLC

educational assessments Plano Texas

There is no limitation but the Imagination

16135 Preston Road #210
Dallas, Texas 75248

Tel: 972-816-3100
Fax: 972-863-7498


Psycho-Educational Batteries, Autism and Behavior Batteries, and Social Thinking Classes in the Dallas - Plano, Texas Metro Area

Help your child reach his or her full potential!

Rich Educational Consulting offers individualized and comprehensive assessments in the areas of Specific Learning Disability, Basic Reading Skills, Reading Comprehension and Fluency, Dyslexia, Language Processing, Math Calculations, Math Reasoning, Academic Readiness, Private School or College Admissions, Gifted Education, Social Skills, Autism, Sensory Integration, ADD/ADHD, Behavior Screenings, Third Party or Independent Evaluations. Assessments are tailored to meet specific challenges and strengths of each child.

Bilingual Assessments are also available.

We also offer interpretation of school district IEPs, attend ARD meetings, assist parents in interpreting forms or with community referrals. Bilingual assessments and translations of reports are available in all areas.


Does your child need a boost with social skills, impulse control, or school readiness? Weekly Social Skills Classes are now forming. Social Skills class groups are focused for students based on age and proficiency with the target skill set. Children as young as preschool - upper elementary can benefit.

There is also a secondary curriculum.

Social Skills Training Classes now forming in Lewisville and Plano. Please call for scheduling, pricing, and availability. (After school and weekend options are available, too!) Clases estan disponsibles en espanol.

Small class sizes! Classes begin the week of Wed, Sept. 3rd.

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