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Aaron School

therapeutic day school for autism and other Neurodevelopmental disorders in New York

Building Relationships through Learning
in New York City

309 E. 45th Street
New York, NY 10016

Tel: 212-867-9594
E-Mail: lgardner@aaronschool.org


Special Education K-8 for Students with Average or Above Average Cognitive Ability: The Aaron School in New York City

Aaron School is a K-8 strengths based, special education program for students with average or above average cognitive ability. We provide a small, structured classroom setting with a multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary approach to learning. Our students have challenges in the areas of language, auditory processing, attention, sensory integration, learning disabilities and executive functioning. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing, skill based developmentally appropriate educational environment based on studentsí individual needs.

Aaron School's mission is to help each student become a confident, successful learner and to help him or her integrate into Aaron's social community and the community at large. We are committed to helping each student achieve his or her full potential by integrating academic and therapeutic services with enrichment. Aaron School blends an academic curriculum into an individualized skill-building program that enhances each student's strengths. Our team approach focuses on the development of the whole student, encouraging cognitive, emotional, social and artistic growth. This holistic approach to learning and development maximizes each studentís progress, sense of mastery and well being.

Students accepted to Aaron Elementary School will be placed in small language based classrooms of 10-12 students and Aaron Middle School up to 15 students organized by grade level. The educational program is content-focused and the overarching guide for the curriculum is in alignment with New York State Educational Standards. All classrooms are instructed by a state certified and/or Masters Level Special Education Head Teacher and an Assistant Teacher to provide opportunities for both individual and group experiences. The classroom team includes a Speech Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist, a Social Worker and/or School Psychologist. The team works together to develop and adapt instructional plans on a regular basis to meet the diverse learning styles of our students.


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