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Lindy Kahn Educational Planner Houston Texas

Certified Educational Planners serving children, adolescents and young adults
Lindy Kahn, M.A., CEP

6717 Vanderbilt
Houston, TX 77005

Tel: 713 668-2609
Fax: 713 668-4551


Educational Consultation and Placement Options for Special Needs Students with LD, ADD, ADHD, Behavioral/Emotional, or Psychiatric Problems

Educational placement options may include:

  • College guidance (Traditional, LD, and Gifted Students)
  • Local day schools for Houston families
  • Boarding Schools (Traditional, as well as specialized programs for ADD, ADHD, LD)
  • Schools/Programs for Troubled Teens (Wilderness, Residential Treatment, Emotional Growth, Eating Disorders)
  • Schools/Programs for Young Adults (Post-Secondary Transition, Gap year)
  • Summer enrichment programs

Ms. Kahn brings to the family the wisdom, compassion and skills of an experienced professional, coupled with a commitment to assure that the child's best interests are met. Whether it is a college placement, traditional school, or program for an at-risk teen, Ms. Kahn will tackle the individual challenges with which the family presents her and do everything possible to ensure their child has a successful outcome.

To schedule an appointment, please call (713) 668-2609

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