Agape Boarding School

Therapeutic school for at risk teenage boys in Stockton, MO

National Boarding School for At-Risk or Unmotivated Boys
School with a Heart in the Heart of Missouri

12998 E. 1400 Rd.
Stockton, Missouri 65785

Tel: 417-276-7215

National Boarding School for At-risk or Unmotivated Boys

Agape Boarding School Stockton, Missouri is a therapeutic boarding school for boys, aged 12-17. Located in Missouri, Agape accepts boys facing a wide range of behavioral issues, from anger and defiance to depression and substance abuse.

Agape's therapeutic approach begins by addressing the internal issues these boys are facing. The emphasis of the therapeutic approach at Agape is to stop blaming others for their troubles and own their mistakes. As boys begin to take responsibility for themselves, they are able to change their behavior, and the way they view the world. By dealing with underlying psychological troubles first, Agape opens the doors for growth in all areas of a boy's life: social, academic, and spiritual.

As boys begin to work through the difficulties that brought them to this school, they can once again focus on repairing any academic damage they have done before arriving here. Agape's fully accredited academic program is specifically geared towards boys who struggle in traditional settings. By allowing them to operate at their own pace and make up credits they have missed back home, students who were once hopelessly far behind can catch up and prepare to graduate. Agape also provides preparatory studies which build upon this foundation to prepare boys for a future well beyond their time in this program.

If your son is struggling at home and needs help, call Agape Boarding School at (417) 276-2715 to find out exactly how they can help.

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