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Homeopathy Center of Houston

Homeopathy treats autismHouston

Healing Autism without drugs is Possible!

7670 Woodway Drive
Suite 340
Houston, TX 77005

Tel: (713) -572-0343


Healing Autism without drugs is Possible!
including ADD, ADHD, PDD, Asperger's Syndrome

This unique drug-free sequential homeopathic approach to autism spectrum disorders has proven to be highly successful in reducing the immune system load, heavy metals and other toxins, and creating a level of health that allows the best possible functioning. Autism is a biological condition with behavioral consequences. Autism is NOT hopeless. Most children with autism benefit from alternative treatment that includes sequential homeopathy

Cindy Griffin, Lindyl Lanham and Julie Adams bring over 40 combined years of healing, health and special education experience to the practice of homeopathy. All three are DAN! practitioners and autism specialists.

  • Drug free, homeopathic and isopathic unlayering of damage
  • Drug free support for chronic and acute illnesses
  • Drug free help for allergies and interim illnesses
  • DAN! research based approach, all without drugs
  • Individualized approach based on your child's health and history
  • Helping your child be the best s/he can be
  • Supportive staff and practitioners

Helping our children recover, one individual at a time.

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