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No Barriers to Learning:
Learning Disabilities Assessment and Educational Consultation

educational assessment and advocacy in Melrose, Massachusetts

Cathy Mason, M. Ed.

52 Botolph St.
Melrose, MA 02176

Tel: 339-224-0304

No Barriers To Learning
Cathy Mason, Educational Diagnostician and Learning Specialist

  • Expert evaluation of students with special needs and consultation to their families, schools and other caregivers pertaining to their unique learning needs.
  • In-service training and consultation on a variety of topics in learning disabilities, developmental and behavioral issues./li>
Meeting the needs of a child with learning or developmental disabilities is challenging. The demands of IEP meetings and making educational placement decisions can be overwhelming. I provide in-depth analysis of a student's learning style and academic functioning that result in detailed recommendations for educational programming. My philosophy of care is designed to support the student, the family and the educators:

Comprehensiveness. I assess the "whole child" with an understanding of the child's functioning in their family, peer group, school and community.

Parents as Partners. I include parents as true partners in care. I actively seek their input and all treatment/care planning is done in concert with families. I apply a strong advocacy approach to help families understand their child's needs and obtain effective services.

Collaboration. I place a high priority on working collaboratively with schools and other caregivers involved with a child.

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