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Dr. Myra L. Burgee

Applied Counseling & Psychoeducational Services
Myra Burgee psychoeducational assessments Maryland

932 Hungerford Drive, Suite 5B
Rockville, MD 20850

Tel: 301-933-2374
Fax: 301-253-5859


Psycheducational Testing and Assessment In Maryland and the DC Metro Area

Dr. Myra Burgee conducts psychoeducational evaluations for diagnostic purposes to assess cognitive, achievement, intellectual and processing functioning for individuals who want to investigate whether they may have a learning disability, ADHD (ADD), procesing deficit, psychological condition (e.g., anxiety, depression) that may be impacting upon their ability to acheive at a level of the innate abilities.

She offers three types of psychoeducational testing:

  • Tests of Learning Aptitude - (or IQ tests)
  • Tests of Academic Skill Development to assess skills in particular areas, including reading, mathematics, and written language skills
  • Tests of Academic Adjustment Factors, which include screening for emotional/psychological conditions (e.g., anxiety, depression)
Analysis and report will provide information regarding the individual's strengths and weaknesses (learning style), study strategies - based upon learning style, compensatory strategies, DSM-IV Diagnosis (if applicable), and recommended accommodations (if applicable).

Dr. Burgee also offers ADHD evaluations, and Admissions Testing for private schools using the Weschler Intelligence Scales.

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