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Total Learning Center


Multisensory teaching for ADD/Dyslexic and LD students in New Jersey

3455 Route 66
Neptune, NJ

Tel: 732-922-6655
Fax: 732-922-1019



Multisensory Teaching for ADD/Dyslexic and LD Students in New Jersey

The Total Learning Center, established in 1982, is a specialized learning center for children and adults with learning disabilites, dyslexia and attention deficit. Its mission is to provide multisensory instruction for the student who does not benefit from traditional reading methodology. This center specializes in the Wilson Curriculum for the student who has not been able to succeed in school despite interventions with traditional curriculums. Children attend either private or group instruction based on individual needs and learning styles.

This center provides direct instruction to students with dyslexia and related learning disabilities that effect the students ability to read accurately and fluently with comprehension, spell with accuracy and fluency and demonstrate writing proficiency and fluency.

Each student is provided with diagnostic and prescriptive testing to determine appropriate remediation based on their individual learning style and academic areas of strength and weaknesses. Based on the testing results, recommendations are made to determine the remediation and accommodations that are needed , so the student can begin to experience success in school and master essential skills.

Marge Weiner is the director and founder of the Total Learning Center. She received her B.A. in Special Education from William Paterson University and her M.A. in Special Education from Loyola College. In addition she is a certified Academic Language Therapist with specialized training in the area of dyslexia.

Note: If you are interested in enhancing a child's or teen's study skills and organizational skills, you may also be interested in the Super Study Skills Binder System put together by our director to help your child organize his or her school work.

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