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Camp Kirk

Working to Empower Your Child and Build Self-Esteem

115 Howden Road
Scarborough, ON M1R 3C7 Canada

Tel: 1-866-982-3310
Fax: 416-782-3239


Overnight Camp for children with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders and Incontinence/enuresis issues

Camp Kirk welcomes children ages 6 to 13 with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and those with incontinence or enuresis (bedwetting) difficulties. With a very high staff/camper ratio (29/36), it provides a nurturing, non-competitive environment that allows these children opportunities to develop social and physical skills, thereby empowering them and raising their self-esteem.

Established in 1993, Camp Kirk sits on 110 acres near the village of Kirkfield, Ontario and is owned and maintained by the Lions Clubs Camp Kirk Foundation

Camp Kirk is unique in that each and every camper has some form of learning disability. Together, they learn that they are not alone, and that it is possible to focus and build on their strengths and abilities in order to help them become the best that they can be. Welcome to our site and enjoy the tour.


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