Brush Creek Academy

Brush Creek Therapeutic ranch and school 
Christian school program for Troubled Teenage Boys in Oklahoma City, OK

Therapeutic Boarding School for Struggling Teenage Boys
Oklahoma City, OK

PO Box 270365
Oklahoma City, OK


Ranch-based Christian Boarding School for Teenage Boys

Brush Creek Academy is a low-cost, ranch-based Christian boarding school for troubled teens in Oklahoma. Designed specifically for troubled teenage boys, this program provides students with tools to succeed academically, relationally, and spiritually. Through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, boys are able to change and reunite with their families.

Issues that Brush Creek addresses include:

  • poor decision-making
  • selfish behavior
  • drug/substance abuse
  • manipulative behavior
  • dishonesty
  • rebelliousness
  • depression
  • self-harm
  • anger problems
  • lack of academic motivation
Through a Christian foundation, therapy, and a fully accredited academic program, teens are able to turn their lives around at Brush Creek.

Many schools have difficulty finding a balance between therapy, spirituality, and academics. However, Brush Creek Academy places equal emphasis on all areas. The academic program is fully accredited and enrollment takes place year-round. This allows students to start repairing their academics at any time and move at their own pace. They are given an individualized lesson plan and as much tutoring and attention as they need.

As the students address their behavioral and academic needs, Brush Creek Academy works with their family to ensure that the change that takes place here is not short-lived. It is essential for teens to return from the environment at this program to a home environment that is health and nurturing as well.

If your son is struggling with any of the behaviors discussed above, you owe it to him and to your family to call Brush Creek Academy today at (918) 435-8206.

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