New Horizons Boys Ranch

New Horizons Ranch and Christian School 
for Troubled Teenage Boys in Rexford, Montana

Therapeutic Ranch and Christian Boarding School for At-Risk Boys

6442 W. Kootenai Rd.
Rexford, MT 59930


Christian Boarding School and Boys Ranch for Difficult Boys
Rexford, MT

New Horizons Boys Ranch is designed for young men between the ages of 7-14. This program focuses on instilling Christian values while providing an envoronment to succeed academically. Through discipline and respect, teens can make a life-long change at New Horizons. Aside from boys suffering from serious learning disorders, severe drug addictions, serious psychological disorders, arsonists, or felons, New Horizons can help almost any teenager or pre-teen suffering from behavioral issues.

The priority at New Horizons Boys Ranch is on character development and family reunification. The staff works closely with each of the 20 students in the program to teach them how to listen and demonstrate respect for authority. Ongoing therapy in clinical, spiritual, and group settings teaches boys to take accountability for their own actions, which will lead to a sense of self-respect and trustworthiness. In this small program, boys will also develop close relationships with their peers which will teach them how to treat others with compassion and love.

Once boys' spiritual and therapeutic needs are met, they become able to focus once again on their academics. New Horizons uses a traditional, 9-month classroom approach to education, but allows year-round enrollment. The academic program is fully accredited, but also employs some alternative approaches to education in order to take into account the differences in boys' learning styles. Whatever your son is going through and however he learns, call New Horizons at (406) 889-5995 to find out how we can help him succeed.

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