New Lifehouse Academy for Struggling Teenage Girls

Christian ranch school program 
for Troubled Teenage Girls in Jay, Ok

Therapeutic Boarding School for Struggling Teenage Girls
Where Change Happens!

PO Box 270365
Oklahoma City, OK 73137


Therapeutic Boarding School for Struggling Teenage Girls
Jay, Oklahoma

New Lifehouse Academy is a ranch-based Christian boarding school for troubled girls between the ages of 13-18. These teenagers are provided with tools to allow them to thrive in all areas of their lives and become happy, confident, self-reliant young adults. Issues that this program helps teenagers with include entitlement issues, drug/substance abuse, manipulative behavior, dishonesty, defiance, depression, self-destructive behaviors, ADD, ADHD, anger problems, or failing grades. Through New Lifehouse Academy's combination of therapy and Christian principles, troubled girls can overcome just about anything!

New Lifehouse Academy is a 915-acre, fully functional ranch located in scenic northeastern Oklahoma. Over the course of the 12-15 month program, girls will be a part of a highly structured, level-based environment designed to change negative behaviors and encourage positive growth. Students will progress through the various levels at New Lifehouse Academy as they grow in the areas of appreciation, gratitude, responsibility, respect for authority, self-control, leadership, time management, and work ethic. Progression through the program means greater freedom which is offset by greater responsibility to emulate real life scenarios.

Girls will also be provided with a well-rounded education. They will receive traditional, accredited academics which will allow them to stay on track in school, while also participating in the Teen Challenge curriculum. This curriculum includes topics like Anger & Personal Rights, Successful Christian Living, and Growing Through Failure. Call us today at (918) 435-8206 to learn how we build character and develop a personal faith for teens which works in every day living.

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