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Compass High School
San Mateo, California

Comprehensive High School for Students with Learning Differences

2040 Pioneer Court
San Mateo, CA 94403

Tel: 650-720-4248
Fax: 650-720-4248

Compass High School
San Mateo, CA

Compass High School provides a multifaceted educational program for students with learning differences. Our supportive, individualized approach not only includes a college preparatory program, but also offers students and their families integrated services and support. We help students develop their full academic potential, critical learning strategies, social competence and self-advocacy so Compass High School graduates will have the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed.

Our school offers:

  • College preparatory courses with for students with learning differences.
  • Multi-sensory teaching methods to strengthen reading, writing, math, organizational and life skills.
  • Teaching strategies for learning, problem solving, time management, executive organization skills, study skills, and self-advocacy.
  • Vocational training program that includes on-the-job internships.
  • Electives: physical fitness, health, technology, the arts.
  • One-on-one college counseling.
  • Offering community service and leadership activities.
  • Well-trained special education teachers who understand the strengths and learning challenges of each student.
  • Open communication with students and their families.
  • A happy and embracing school culture, including social events and field trips so students can learn to thrive socially.

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