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Wiscarson Law
Special Education Law and Disability Advocacy in Oregon and Washington State
special needs attorney and special education attorney Dianne Wiscarson icensed to practice in Oregon and Washington

510 SW Third Avenue Ste. 439
Portland, OR 97204

Tel: 503-727-0202
Fax: 503-727-0303


Attorneys and Expert Witness

Special Education Law and Advocacy Licensed to practice in Oregon and Washington State

Diane Wiscarson's specialty is the law for children with special needs, but she also represents children with education issues not related to special education, as both an attorney and an expert witness. Diane can provide help with almost any educational issue, including discipline hearings for suspension or expulsion. As an attorney and as a parent of a child with special needs, she can help you and your child by:

  • Guiding parents through the special education process;
  • Providing legal advice or support "behind the scenes";
  • Assisting with eligibility determination for special education services;
  • Finding and securing an appropriate placement;
  • Determining and ensuring appropriate specially designed instruction;
  • Developing and implementing 504 Plans;
  • Attending disciplinary proceedings for regular and special education students; and
  • Navigating other educational issues for successful resolutions.

Please call Diane Wiscarson today at 503-727-0202 for your free consultation.

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