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Hanna Boys Center

K-12 School for Learning Differences in the Bay Area

Residential Treatment Center for At Risk Youth
17000 Arnold Drive
Sonoma, CA 95476-0100

Tel: 707.996.6767
Fax: 707.996.4742


Faith-based Program and School for At-Risk Teens in Sonoma, California

Hanna Boys Center changes the lives of at-risk, motivated youth through faith, education and caring.

Hanna Boys Center is a residential treatment center with an on-campus accredited high school, Archbishop Hanna High School, serving 8th through 12th grade students.

The boys live in on-campus cottages and group homes, overseen by youth counselors and a sleep-in coordinator. Each boy is assigned a caseworker who is a licensed therapist or intern practicing under the supervision of a licensed practitioner. The caseworker works with the boy and his family to develop goals and an individual treatment plan. Counselors help each boy develop socially appropriate behaviors, from using good table manners, maintaining personal hygiene and making a bed, to fulfilling assigned chores.

Individual therapy focuses on the important issues such as anxiety, depression, affect regulation, overcoming learning disabilities, and adjusting to life at Hanna. Therapists address past traumas and guide the boy through the healing process.

The Phoenix Program:
The Phoenix Program for boys with current or recent substance use and/or abuse histories requiring initial or continued interventions. Besides the therapeutic and spiritual components typical of many recovery programs, the Phoenix program includes an extensive outdoor and wilderness education experience. 30% of boys coming to Hanna face substance abuse challenges, either directly or by someone within their immediate family.

Phase One: the boy learns techniques to help regulate his moods and heart rate through controlled breathing techniques, muscle relaxation and visualization exercises. He is also introduced to the 12-step recovery model and attends weekly on-campus 12-step meetings with either Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Phase Two: the boy is working actively on abstaining from all substance use.It includes weekly group counseling, individual counseling and a 12-step meeting. These groups move from psycho-educational to more group process and skill-building for self-care.

Phase Three: utilizes 12-step model phase for those who wish to progress from abstinence to active recovery.

Our academic advisor meets with every student and completes a school success plan, which includes high school graduation, career, work and college planning.

Pastoral Care:
Hanna Boys Center is a Catholic faith-based and holistic institution. Belief in Catholicism has never been a requirement for admission to HBC, and no effort whatsoever is made to convert our boys from one faith to another. Every boy admitted to Hanna Boys Center is invited to identify with some faith community (Catholic, Hindu, Islam, Jewish, Protestant etc.) or to indicate no faith preference. Our Pastoral Care Program (PCP) tailors care to the individual needs of each boy. Mandatory Courses in religious studies designed to respect the various faith preferences of the students as a part of the curriculum of Archbishop Hanna's High School.

Vocational Training:
Hanna helps students develop a skill set and work ethic that will prepare them for meaningful employment, apprenticeship programs or other post-secondary educational experiences after graduating from Hanna. Hanna offers a vocational program featuring intensive training in woodworking, carpentry, welding, electrical work and plumbing.

Sports and Outdoor Education:
Hanna Boys Center believes that participation in sports creates experiences self-worth and self-confidence. The physical education and recreation staff provide a comprehensive curriculum focusing on improvement in coordination, speed, strength, flexibility, health, teamwork and sportsmanship. Hanna has many sports including Basketball, Flag Football, Baseball, Wrestling and more. As part of our outdoor recreation program, our boys experience the wilderness under the supervision of highly trained professionals. They hike, fish, climb and learn to survive and provide for themselves while also working as a member of a team in the outdoors.

Before a young man leaves the program, our Follow-On team helps him to

  • Find a stable place to live
  • Stay physically and emotionally healthy
  • Find the right schooling or get a meaningful job
  • Maintain and positive realtionships with people

The Hanna Boys Center scholarship program provides financial support to boys wanting to continue their education after graduating from Hanna.

Call us at (877) 994-2662 to see if the Hanna Boys Center might be just the right place to help your troubled young man turn his life around.

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