Highlands Academy Kansas City Teen Challenge
Christian Boarding School for Girls

Christian Boarding School for Girls
 in Kansas City, MO

Christian boarding School for Girls Ages 13-17

5506 Cambridge Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64129




Christian Boarding School for Girls
Kansas City, MO

Highlands Girls Academy is a boarding school program for troubled girls. It is designed to help students identify problem behaviors and build inner strength to overcome challenges. Effective communication skills are developed and positive coping strategies learned.

Highlands Girls Academy uses a multi-therapeutic model. Discipleship curriculum and ongoing pastoral counseling relative to the curriculum content are utilized to assist the students in discovering their incorrect assumptions and replacing them with new concepts of understanding.

The program is intentionally designed to allow the girls to progress through a level system to help prepare them for a healthy reintroduction into their family. This system includes such practices as positive peer pressure, reward and discipline consequences for actions, increased responsibilities as their progress warrants, and ongoing daily staff interaction.

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