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The Empowerment Coach

Family Recovery Coach to Help Families of Addicts Find Their Way
Family Recovery Coach to Help Families of Addicts Find Their Way
Family Recovery Coach to Help Families of Addicts Find Their Way
2405 Antigua Circle B-3
Coconut Creek, Florida 33066

Tel:786 859 40500
Fax:954 247 9837


Family Recovery Coaching Services in Florida and Nationally via phone and email for:
  • Families Affected by the Addiction of a Parent, Spouse, or Teen
  • Parents of Children with Special Needs description: Family Recovery Coaching for Parents and Students


What are the challenges facing your family? Addiction? Alcoholism? ADD? A Learning Disability? An Eating Disorder? Social Issue? Experimentation with alcohol or drugs? The early signs of an addiction in your teen?

Do you, as a spouse or parent, ever feel like you know something is wrong, but you are not sure what it is or how to get the help you need for your spouse, teen, or child?

  • Perhaps your spouse is functioning at work, but is raging at home, making it difficult to have a sane and happy home environment for you and the children.
  • Maybe your teen has started changing friends and you are having difficulty setting boundaries that work.
  • Maybe your child is struggling in school and with everything else going on in the family, youíve somehow let things go too far before becoming aware that you may have a serious issue on your hands.

Perhaps your child's school is helpful up to a point, but then, it is as if a brick wall goes up and you are left outside on your own or maybe you found yourself on your own from the start. Perhaps you have even been blamed for your child's problems or told your child is more limited than you know him or her to be.

If the stresses and strains of having a child with special needs are wearing you down, Educational Advocacy Coaching will help you figure out the questions to ask and the steps to take in order to get the help you need for your child. Not every child is an Einstein. But every child has unique gifts waiting to be uncovered.

Family Recovery Coaching can help you cope with the very unique life demands that having addiction and/or a child with special needs can bring. Families affected by addiction face the same challenges everyone else has, have the same goals and dreams. But with addiction added to the mix, itís good to have someone to talk to who understands how that unique situation affects everything else! You are NOT alone!


We are here to promote Self-Leadership and Self-Advocacy for Teens!

Do you know you have the ability to achieve more in school, but somehow it is not happening?

Are you searching for a guide to keep you accountable as you work toward achieving your goals and dreams?

Have you as a student ever felt you are not getting the help you need to succeed at school but you are not sure how to find it or how to even approach the adults at school to get their assistance?

Parents and Teens: You do NOT have to go it alone! Whether in person on on the phone, The Empowerment Coach will help you figure out what you want to achieve, what you can do to get there, and how to connect with the people who can help you reach your goals.

Who is The Empowerment Coach and why can she help you? The Empowerment Coach, Beverly Buncher, helps families of addicts find their way! Whether the issue is coping with a loved oneís addiction, a childís special needs, a career transition or opening a new business, Bev can help!She worked as a middle and high school teacher and principal for 24 years before deciding to take her skills and passion for mentoring teachers, parents and students on the road as a coach who specializes those facing addiction in a loved one deal with life on lifeís terms! Today, she works with people all over the nation as a coach, trainer and workshop leader. She is the author of an E-Book, two forthcoming paperbacks, and numerous articles and book chapters. Her first E-Book, How Can I Get Them Sober? A Guide for Spouses and Family Members of Alcoholics and Addicts is now available on her website at Her forthcoming book The Four Foundations of Family Recovery: Simple Ideas to Turn Chaos to Sanity, now also available as a teleseminar, will give you the skills you need to cope with the addiction of someone near to you. Her family blogs at and have shared her wisdom and insights with thousands around the world.

Let The Empowerment Coach ( take you on a journey that will help you face whatever challenges your family is confronting with serenity and a plan to move forward with confidence.

Call Beverly Buncher, The Empowerment Coach, at 786-859-4050 to set up a complimentary coaching session today!

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