Future Men Christian Boarding School

Christian boarding school for at risk teen boys in Kirbyville, MO

Christian Boarding School for Boys
Kirbyville, MO

2000 Deer Ln.
Kirbyville, MO 65679




Christian Boarding School for Boys

Future Men is a Christian boarding school that offers a highly structured, supervised setting for young men to work on their future. Our program provides the environment and motivation to further success. Our course work and counseling is founded on God's Word, and the boarding school is nationally accredited by AdvancEd.

It is our wish to see the students at Future Men learn to follow instructions, develop an eye for detail, and show initiative in their work. These qualities will help them later in life to acquire and keep a job. Being physically productive and having the ability to complete a task gives a young man genuine self-esteem, as opposed to the hollow false praise that our society has been programmed to give. In many cases, actively contributing to society will help these young men "turn the corner" and once again have hope. All of the work completed by a student, whether through apprenticeship or service project, is incorporated into an elective credit. The students come to understand that the work ethic they develop here contributes to who they are and what they are becoming.

Future Men tries to provide an atmosphere that is not like an institution or a lockdown facility. Our environment has all the comforts of home along with structure and accountability of the staff to help your son become a man and reach his full potential.

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