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Aaron Academy

therapeutic day school for autism and other Neurodevelopmental disorders in New York

Building Relationships through Learning
in New York City

42 E. 30th Street

New York, NY 10016

Tel: (212) 212-867-5443
E-Mail: admissions@aaronacad.org

www: www.aaronacad.org

Aaron Academy School Program

Aaron Academy is a private, special education school dedicated to insuring that all students will become responsible, successful citizens of the 21st Century as evidenced by their ability to construct their own knowledge, develop judgment, think critically and demonstrate civic responsibility. Our commitment is to provide meaningful learning opportunities so students can maximize their potential and act wisely as they move through adolescence into adulthood.

Aaron Academy students are adolescents and young adults with strengths and interests in a wide range of areas. They also struggle with neurological impairments, such as language disability, Aspergers Syndrome, learning disability, attention deficit, emotional fragility, and executive functioning disorder. These areas of significant challenge preclude their participation in mainstream educational settings

We understand Adolescence is a challenging time for students and parents alike, and it is our aim to support social, emotional, academic, language and physical growth. To that end, we embrace parents as partners, provide a safe and supportive school climate and embrace diversity in our community.

Students build foundational skills in traditionally departmentalized classes: English, History, Mathematics, Sciences, and Art in addition to 21st Century skills such as technological fluency, global literacy, research skills, and foreign language. The curriculum is globally focused, and balances discrete skill instruction with applied skills, working with industry partnerships to foster post-secondary opportunities such as college and internships. Students engage in rigorous study in all topic areas, with a special focus on cross integration: attention to how each subject informs another.

Collaboration with parents and families is an important value of Aaron Academy. Our goal is to extend student learning beyond the classroom, into the community and the home. Parent participation and guidance are vital to this process. Upon initial enrollment, Aaron Academy parents have the opportunity to learn about our methodologies and pedagogy so they can best support their children.


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