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Rachel Wise
Love-Tough Parent Coach

for Parents of Struggling, At Risk Jewish Teens

Tel: 215-745-3596



Is your relationship with your teen fueled with power struggles, confusion, frustration and tension?

Does your home often seem like a battle zone?

Do you sometimes feel alone -- as though no one understands your situation?

Do you lie awake at night fearing for your child's future?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then try a different approach:

Learn to become "your teen's coach"
Learn effective coaching tools
of the *Love-Tough* Approach to parenting
at the upcoming
FREE Teleconference Parent-Coaching Support Program for Women

Do your parenting challenges make you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, grieved or embarrassed? Do you dread facing Pesach? Then give yourself an energy boost! Join a FREE two-week teleconference "confidential" coaching support program and connect with other mothers who may be experiencing similar feelings as you.

You need not participate to join. Just call and listen to tthe sharing, glean inspiration, gain strength from the encouraging words.

Mark the dates: On Monday, March 16th, our guest speakers, mothers of challenging, struggling and at-risk children, will share how they shifted their parenting methodology for the sake of creating a peaceful home and a more trusting and loving relationship. On Monday, March 23rd, a young mother will share her story -- her journey as an at-risk teen -- and a message she wishes to convey to parents of today's struggling teens. Both events will take place 9:00-10:00 p.m. (EST). For registration information contact Rachel Wise at (215) 745-3596 or e-mail

Rachel Wise is in private practice as a certified Parent & Teen Coach, and NLP Practitioner. She writes a column in the Jewish Press, Parental Perspective on Struggling Teens, under her pseudonym, Debbie Brown.

"When situations are mysteriously shrouded in times of confusion, perplexity and doubt, support is crucial to aid in moving forward and remaining focused in spite of the uncertainty."

Note: *Love-Tough* is not to be confused with tough-love.

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