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Learning Disability

7230 South Land Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 95831

Tel:(916) 392-6415

E-mail: mslcsouth@concourse.net

The Melvin-Smith Learning Center (MSLC) is a nonprofit corporation that provides assistance for children and adults with dyslexia, attention deficit, learning handicaps, or reading challenges through a wide range of services, publications, and training programs.

  • Assessments to identify specific problem areas and to develop effective clinical programs for those attending tutorial or intensive training.
  • Intensive Programs for clients from all over the world who come to Sacramento for daily three hour sessions covering three to five weeks.
  • Tutorial services in one-to-one or group settings for those who can attend one of our two centers in Northern California.
  • Books on dyslexia for the general public as well as clinical specialists.
  • Successful Reading Programs for children and adults.
  • Assessment instruments to identify learning problems.
  • Obtain a Dyslexia Remediation Specialist Certificate that enables you to serve students in public and private schools or clinical settings.

To learn more about these and other services, visit the MSLC web site at www.edu-therapeutics.com/

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